Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Seven Sins of Photography - 2. The Equipment Owner

These posts are intended for both young and seasoned Pakistani photographers, but others can also read. This is the first post of the series. No example photos will be included in these posts, however you can post in comments :)

2. The Equipment Owner

There is a standard set of accessories that arrive with a P&S. However, the choices of extra gadgets is never ending with SLRs. Once you have a single lens- reflex camera, you have a kit lens and you reach out to other photographers on various forums and see them using every sort of filters, behind the filters are lenses of every focal length and apertures, accompanied with battery grips, batteries, memory cards, flashes, cases, cleaners, triggers, remotes, sensors, GPS and tripods.
And you immediately start thinking about what to do with your money.

And if budget allows, you keep on piling your little bag with items mentioned above, usually in the order mentioned above. And perhaps a bigger bag in the end. The list  can be almost certainly found on the profile page. Recently, another trend in the field of collecting mania is software irrespective of the quality of software and the results it produce. E-Books is another item in list to brag about on your profile. Tutorials and help videos is yet another one (and this one is the main culprit of eating away your HDD along-with thousands of ordinary shots you neatly organize in different folders).

Its perfectly legal and normal to buy accessories, software or help material, but with passage of time, with sensing genuine requirement or a true recommendation from someone credible to expand your capabilities. But you purchase and lens or filter and don't uses it for a year, or don't utilize the potential and still keep on adding new gear.. You become an Equipment Owner, not a photographer!!
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