Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The seven sins of Photography - 1. The Crop

These posts are intended for both young and seasoned Pakistani photographers, but others can also read. This is the first post of the series. No example photos will be included in these posts, however you can post in comments :)

Bad, distasteful and poor cropping

How rare it is to see something in 2:3 or 3:4 (i am being kind with Pointers and Shooters, because i was once myself) from most newcomers or sometimes even "seasoned" photographers? With the explosion of cameras, camera-phones and even SLRs in hand of every other person, there are more  examples of average or bad photos than ever.

Cropping a photo after taking it can be helpful at the time of print. Or if you use a high end SLR with more effective pixels, you can sacrifice a bit of detail for composition.
Panoramas are just another way to commit this sin. Seriously, do you think to print it on The Great Wall of China? How can you effectively view a 1:10 on any screen or print in world? You can not.
But i think, square crop i.e. 1:1 is the exception, only for the fact it challenges your composition skills and results in slightly artistic images on film cameras.
If you camera doesnt have enough optical zoom, don't try to show off bigger moons and giant ants by cropping the non interesting parts.

Please respect the proportions!

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