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Sadiq Garh Palace

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Sadiq Garh Palace, a photo by Max Loxton on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
The only Palace which is far more superior to all others palaces in Bahawalpur in terms of elegance and glory is named Sadiq Gerh Palace. This Palace was established in 1882 by His Highness Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan (IV). This Palace was constructed under the supervision of expert engineers with a cost of fifteen lac rupees. The work of construction almost continued ten years. After the completion of the palace it was inaugurated in the presence of a majestic court.
There is huge wall all around the palace and there are lush green lawns inside it with beautiful plants having colorful flowers. This sky building is a masterpiece of beauty. There is a bastion in every corner of the palace placed like this that it seems like a soldier on his duty to protect. There is beautiful dome in the center of the building which looks more beautiful in night when it is glowing with lights of different colors.

Canon EOS 1D mk3. Canon 17-40 4L. ISO 100. f5.6 at 1/250 second.

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